Lets embrace our humanity in this horrible pandemic of covid -19

When SovietUnion fell in 1991 we moved to the Netherlands because my Dad gave up everything in Russia (his position, home, status, money) to move to the University of Groningen while my beloved grandparents and the rest of the family moved to Israel.

My Dad, David Vainchtein, sacrificed everything for me and my brother, so we can have a better future.

I was devastated not being close to my grandparents who meant the world to me and every week I wrote a handwritten letter to them to tell my life and how much I love them. This was 24 years ago…..

Now, with FaceTime, zoom, webex, whatsapp, etc kids can connect with their loved Ones every second of the day… But IS THAT ENOUGH FOR A TRUE PERSONAL CONNECTION?

My 5 year old son has received this letter yesterday from his best friend at school. And he was so happy and excited by this simple heartfelt genuine letter and he told me: before this letter I never knew he truly was my friend…

Let’s embrace our humanity, love, written letters of friendships and love and never ever forget what truly connects us in this wonderful world.

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