Dr. Liia

Liia Ramachandra fills many roles in her day to day life. From being a CEO and a mother to being a doctor and a patient. It was her role as a patient that instilled in her a desire to create EpiLynx. They say “Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions.” 

EpiLynx by Dr. Liia came out of her own needs and experiences. Dr. Liia created EpiLynx because she got sick. 

She was in the prime of her professional career. Dr. Liia was an executive at one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. She had just delivered her third child, her blood pressure was skyrocketing, she was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, her psoriasis was flaring up and her joints were hurting.

Instead of slowing down, she has doubled down on her professional career while her health deteriorated even further. She was being put on more and more medications for psoriasis and hypertension etc. 

One day, as she stood in front of the mirror and looked at the bright red spots on her face and body, she decided that something needed to change.

Dr. Sumant (Dr. Liia’s husband) has been a senior executive in large healthcare companies since 2005. He is a physician, a scientist, and a business leader (he has an M.D., Ph.D. in Cancer Immunology, and an MBA). Dr. Liia has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and she is a cosmetic chemist (a PharmD and a Ph.D. in Chemistry). Together they have more than 30 years experience developing life savings medicines and working in the healthcare industry.

They have decided to change their lives and Dr. Liia started EpiLynx.

She started small. She has begun the process of inventing the first of EpiLynx serums and creams to help improve skin health and complexion. From a serum and a cream to now many more products catered to those who have not been catered to before. 

EpiLynx has its research, development, manufacturing and sales operations in Los Angeles, California.

Thank you ALL for all your support, love and trust in EpiLynx by Dr. Liia®!