Your Skin, Your Health

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul but physicians have known for thousands of years that the skin is the window to your health.Your skin is an organ, just like your heart, lungs, stomach, intestines and brain. The skin is the largest area of your body exposed to both the outside world and what is happening inside your body. The skin contains many layers and many types of cells. Many illnesses that are occurring in your body may have a manifestation on your skin. For example, when I was diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis as a child, my family and I only thought of it as a skin disease. It was only when I became a pharmacist, that I realized that what I saw on my skin was reflective of inflammation in my body.I tried many things to reduce the symptoms but it wasn’t until I realized that I had a gluten allergy and went on a healthy diet that my health started improving and my skin started improving. Keeping a healthy skin is more than just taking care of the outside, it is about ensuring that you are also healthy on the inside. Our EpiLynx products are scientifically-designed with ingredients that are gluten-free and lectin-minimized so as to help your skin stay healthy. So, don’t just take care of your skin, take care of yourself!

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