Dreams of Working in a ‘Chocolate Factory’.

Since I remember myself, as a 5 year old girl, I either wanted to work in a chocolate factory or become a pharmacist/chemist. One of these dreams did work out, I became a pharmacist and an analytical chemist… We are and our dreams of life are often shaped by our experiences and dreams during our early childhood. After being a successful pharmaceutical executive for many years, I abandoned my dream of ‘chocolate factory’ but I felt that something was always missing.Now, I realize that in order for me to finally go for something so ‘unreliable’ of a job such as a chocolate maker or an entrepreneur, I had to take all my knowledge of a pharmacist and a chemist and take a leap of faith and accept the risks that I might never be successful as a ‘chocolate maker’ but at least I HAVE TRIED!So now I am making my ‘chocolates’ in the form of face creams and it is scary and I might not be as successful as I imagine it to be but I never been happier. 

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