Insights from our visit to Disney World Part 1: Relevancy

We were at Disney World this last week. It was an amazing vacation to three of the theme parks within Disney- Magic KingdomAnimal Kingdom and Epcot. All I can say based on my first visit there is “Wow! How do they continue doing ‘it’?”Disney was founded in 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy Disney. Today, nearly 100 years later, they are more relevant in our society than ever with kids and adults all over the world in nearly every culture knowing Mickey Mouse and the some members of the Disney crew from all the various movies, shows and paraphernalia. So, we asked ourselves, how do they stay so relevant despite the passage of time. The simple answer is that they constantly reinvent themselves. They do this while being emotionally connected to us. That is the a key part of their reinvention- emotional connection in everything they do. They spark the imagination of the littlest of children (think of everything Winnie the Pooh) to the oldest of adults (think of the movie “Up”). It doesn’t even have to be their original creation- they are constantly looking for the winning formula. They are not always successful but they continue to experiment and change with the times.This consistent focus on how to connect emotionally with a constantly changing world is how they move forward while ensuring that their foundational Brands (they have many of these) also continue to evolve. How does this relate to what we do at EpiLynx ( We realized that people’s awareness continue to evolve and that it is important to serve our customers with high quality products that are gluten-free along with not putting a slew of other ingredients that people have sensitivity to. Why is this important? Because we know from our medical and pharmaceutical background that people care about their health. One of our founders, Liia, discovered only after trial and error that she had a severe gluten allergy. So, she decided to become an entrepreneur and has created EpiLynx to ensure that she and the countless other people with sensitivities, intolerances, allergies and other conditions could have access to these high quality skin care products. If you want to know if gluten and nut sensitivity is an issue, just go to restaurants and ask them if they have menus or menu items dedicated to gluten-free or if they have ingredients noted in the menus.Staying relevant and meeting customer needs is incredibly important. Disney has figured out how to do this for so many generations. Isn’t it time for all us us to serve our customers better and become more relevant to a constantly changing world? 

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