What makes a relationship/marriage successful and happy?

What makes a relationship/marriage successful and happy?

On one of our trips in Napa, we have visited one of the most gorgeous wineries, Darioush Winery and met the owner, Darioush himself.

An immigrant from Iran, he has rebuilt his life in US and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

We were impressed with how all the employees spoke about him and his wife, how he pays for their education and how he has fully paid their salaries during the Covid shutdown.

When we met him, we were impressed with his kindness and gentleness. And then he gave us the best marriage/relationship advise:

He said, marriage is like a table with 4 legs. You need all 4 of them. They represent:


All 4 should be EQUAL otherwise the table will lean to the side and everything on that table will shift and fall down and break……

I thought about this. And how important this is in life, love and even business…….

What are your ‘4 legs’?

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