Citizen of the world and the responsibility that comes with it!

As I am recovering from my neck surgery and laying down a lot (my neurosurgeon's orders!), it got me thinking about who and what I truly am...

Do you ever question who you really are?

I am very much an American because this country was the one that welcomed me and gave me endless opportunities. This is the country I truly love with everything I am.

I am also Dutch, because The Netherlands become my second home when we immigrated there from Russia (Soviet Union then) when I was just 14 years old. Thank you, Papa, for bringing us there. This has opened endless opportunities for us.

I am also a Jew because I was raised with those traditions and values that kept me going when the times were tough.

I am also who my friends are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, spiritual, other faiths and atheists but above all, truly amazing and supporting and caring people who stood by us when we needed the support.

So...who am I? I am the citizen of the world and I am so grateful to be that.

Do you ever question who you truly are and the responsibility that comes with it?

And when you do, think of one great thing that you can do to honor the ones that gave you that support, freedom and friendship to be the best you can be!

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