The greatest beauty is the diversity of who we are.

It is said that “Beauty is only skin deep”. We, at EpiLynx (, beg to differ.Beauty is not just about how we look but about how we feel. How we feel influences how we act. For as long as we have looked for differences, we have not valued what makes each of us unique. Don’t be confused. Looking for differences is looking for the negatives in others while looking for uniqueness is looking for all those things that make each one of us, us!My husband and I grew up in many different cultures and countries. We were the confused types and didn’t know where we belonged so tried to belong everywhere. We call ourselves “citizens of the world” because we identified with everyone we met. This taught us how amazing each one of you are because you are unique. When my husband and I met each other, we found ourselves, perfectly imperfect for each other yet made to fit with each other through those imperfections. Those imperfections create a unique beauty. We brought out the best in us and recognized that beauty is truly from within.When we recognize this simple fact, happiness emerges.At EpiLynx (, we recognize that people have diverse skin types and need products that address some sensitivities- each one of you is unique. We, entrepreneurs, created our products from scratch to be gluten-free, lectin-minimized, free of nut oils, phthalates and parabens. We used our medical backgrounds to create the right series of serums and creams. Thank you for entrusting your skincare to us and bringing out your inner beauty. 

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