The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: To Fear or Not to Fear?

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: There is always fear…in the beginningIn a previous blog, we laid out how EpiLynx ( started from scratch. It was an idea that was based on the needs of many people including myself to have high quality skincare products that were gluten-free. Given the founders backgrounds in medicine, pharmaceuticals and development of products, everyone thought we would be naturals at making this happen.But, all new things are unknown and I have to admit that I was filled with lots of fear. Fear that anything from scratch would most likely fail. All the statistics show that greater than 90% of entrepreneurs fail. I knew the odds were against us. I had quit my job previously because I got sick and I was exploring many ideas but always found some excuse not to pursue them- too much start-up money, didn’t know the field, didn’t know how to start, etc. You know the feeling- making excuses so as to not do something you fear.One day, I looked at my face and despite all the gluten I cut out from my diet, I still had some red spots on my face. I started studying the ingredients on the serums and creams I was using and noticed that many had ingredients that had gluten as a natural substance. Then, it struck me that this is something I can actually do with my skills and those of my husband. We could use our extensive experience to bring helpful products to the market.With the money I had saved, I started a laboratory and bought high quality starting ingredients and laboratory equipment. It took nearly a year of research and development before I could get the product into its final form for you to use. We have now gotten to all the way to sampling our products in over a hundred women and men. We have gotten positive feedback which has kept us encouraged and also feedback to help us improve our packaging and instructions for use. All great steps to move forward before we have our first launch at the end of 2018.Yet, I am still anxious as I know that it will take a lot more to be successful. A lot more work lays ahead but with the knowledge that many people will benefit from our serums and creams, we are determined. We also know that many entrepreneurs have walked this path of uncertainty and all had the fear of failure but they pushed forward. Some became successful and many did not. But, we wouldn’t know their stories if they didn’t try. They all made our world better.So, what does this have to do with you, our customer? Many have asked me how do I know that EpiLynx will be successful…I know because I believe. That is the most important lesson. If we don’t try, we won’t know. To try and push forward, we have to get past uncertainties and take calculated risks. The reward of helping people with diverse skin types with our products will be well worth it. As physicians, pharmacists and scientists who started EpiLynx, we believe in the scientific design of our products and thank you for your trust in us.

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