The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma 2: You can’t do it alone!

Previously, we discussed how fear of failure either drives an entrepreneur forward or freezes in position. When you believe in yourself, you drive forward.For this blog, we wanted to share another entrepreneur’s dilemma- feeling alone. The co-founders work closely together but we realize that it takes hundreds of people who believe in us to try our products and give us feedback for us to become better. Recently, a friend tried our products. She not only gave us great feedback on how her skin felt after using it but also volunteered sharing EpiLynx ( with all her friends at an upcoming party. We are so happy that they have tried and loved EpiLynx. All entrepreneurs feel alone… We are always hopeful for success but don’t know when the turning point will come so we continue to drive forward. Suddenly, someone, somewhere decides that they love your products to tell others about it. That is when entrepreneurs realize that they need others to be successful and know that they are not alone. The Lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to offer help. You are not alone…C

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