How does The Wall Street Journal stoop to a new low?

How does The Wall Street Journal stoop to a new low? By allowing a meaningless and insulting Op Ed to be published in its venerable pages where we go for serious news on important global economic events and positions.

This is a hit-job to take away the honor of earning a doctorate degree from someone who worked for it. The author goes on to degrade the time and age she got her advanced degree and the university she got it from instead of celebrating the determination it takes for going back to university to pursue learning.

I have a nagging suspicion that the author would have not have taken this position if Dr. Jill Biden was a man. To say that this Op Ed was misogynistic would be an understatement. My wife has two doctorate degrees and I think she has created amazing benefit to society from it. Whether one chooses to be called “Doctor” based on their degree is a personal and professional choice.

For all those amazing people who seek higher learning of any type: Do not let others define you or discourage you. Make something great from this hard-earned education and help us change the world to be a better place!

The Wall Street Journal – consider encouraging education of any type as your next Editorial Board position.

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