Why all skincare should be FRAGRANCE -FREE

Since we have launched on Amazon, we see a lot of people commenting on ‘neutral” or ‘no smell” of our skincare and wanting a ‘smell”. I have never encountered it before since so far many of our thousands customers were either celiac, eczema, psoriasis or people with various allergies and they always were so appreciative for our skincare not having any smell or fragrance…..I was so proud to ‘making our skincare with balanced smell’ on its own.

It is important to take customers questions about not having a smell into consideration and even more importantly to EDUCATE them on importance of NOT having any fragrance in the skincare products.

According to Healthline:

Fragrance can be the most harmful part of a beauty product. Fragrance often contains chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. You may want to consider avoiding any product that includes the term “fragrance” in its list of ingredients.


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