Fun and Scary History of the Moisturizer! 👇

It started ...200 B.C....

ANCIENT EGYPT: Cleopatra was known to apply olive oils to her skin to maintain her soft and plump appearance.

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all historical moisturizers were created equal. Some were even deadly. Modern researchers located a flask belonging to Queen Hatshepsut. The container had been prescribed to treat a skin ailment. However the researchers discovered it was jam-packed with carcinogenic tar residue. She literally experienced the DEATH by the Moisturizer 😨 Oops.......

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ANCIENT ROME: Hippocrates used honey to moisturize his skin. Other ancient Romans were known to combine bread with milk and apply the mixture to their faces before bedtime. 🥛

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ANGLO-SAXONS: They mixed lard, old wine and essence of lilies to keep their hands conditioned! 🍷

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EUROPE, 1100s: Convent records show that nuns used herbal ingredients to create skin cream recipes including variations of ginger and white turmeric. 🌿

COLONIAL AMERICA: Colonial Williamsburg moistened their skin with hog lard, the stubs of white candles, and floral scents. 🕯️

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1846 - Chemist Theron T. Pond invents “Pond’s Cream”, forever changing moisturizers for the rest of humankind. The cream’s main ingredient? Healing witch hazel.

1872— “Petroleum Jelly”: Vaseline is patented in the late

1800s—becoming the foundation for the moisturizers of the early 20th century.

1970s – “Body Butter”: A thick, heavy moisturizer made with bean and nut oils; body butter transformed facial moisturization into a full-body experience.

TODAY: We are going back to basics: clean, natural (often organic), vegan and chemically clean ingredients are preferred. Plus more and more want to have medically clean skincare without major allergens!

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