Anti-inflammatory diet (part 1)

When I was diagnosed with the psoriatic arthritis recently, I started looking into anti-inflammatory diets. Unfortunately, I have found a lot of discrepancies on internet about what an anti-inflammatory diet is. For example, tomatoes were listed as a nightshade family and therefore bad when you have psoriasis. However, on the list of anti-inflammatory foods, tomatoes were number 1.

How to find a diet that works for you?

That is a million dollar question. Being a scientist and haven written tons of articles, I started to read and jumped into research. Unfortunately, there was not much I could find. And, even worse, a lot of articles contradict one another. So, where do you go?

Start listening to your body…

Well, that’s easier said than done, right? My body tells me that it wants cheese and chocolate and some of that delicious sourdough bread. Wow, how many inflammatory foods can you name just from that one sentence? Gluten, sugar, dairy, nuts and so on…. Well, I am listening to my body, right? So it must be what my inflamed body wants, correct? Well, not exactly. And thus, truly listening to your body is not how it actually works..


There is no 1 diet that works for everyone and it is not as simple as Atkins diet, Whole 30 diet etc, it is rather a lifestyle that one needs to adapt. It is not ‘listening’ to your body but rather finding by trial and error and observing the consequences of the ‘elimination’ and ‘addition’ diet.

Stay tuned for more as we discuss different diets including the elimination one and consequences for your body.

Dr. Liia

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