Be kind to yourself

It is important to remember that our bodies are careers of our souls and our mortal weight we acquire during this life. Let’s be nice to it.

I just came out of a very scary operation on my neck. I started to pray once the surgery was scheduled. I have never really prayed in my life before. I prayed and all my loved ones prayed. They prayed a Christian, a Jewish, a Muslim, a Hindu and any prayer people wanted to pray for a safe surgery. And it helped. But I won’t talk about it today. This is for another time.

It has been 1 week now and I caught myself repeating the same old pattern of hating myself and feeling guilty for eating too many calories, cheese, and sweets. I lost weight coming to surgery and coming out of it and I was almost at my goal weight. Today, I said, 3 more days and I will be there and yet, I hated my brain for jeopardizing itself and starting to make me eat again more, more and more. You know how you tell yourself, today is the last day, I promise, I will eat and eat and eat and tomorrow I will stop. Well, it never ever happens. Right? Yes, right. After this life-changing surgery, I said that I will not do this to myself again and yet, here I am, doing it.

But something did change inside me. That change was the sudden compassion I felt towards myself. I said to me, it is OK, I eat and it is OK, I acknowledge it is OK. Tomorrow is another day and I have a chance to do better, to take care of my body better and to listen to my soul.

This suden acceptance and release of my guilt, felt so liberating and I, for the first time in my life, felt confident that tomorrow is indeed another day, when I will truly take care of my body and my soul and love myself more than today.

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