Am I Beautiful? Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I am tired of psoriasis drugs

I am tired of the flare-ups, I am tired of people asking me whether I had an allergic reaction to something or fell from somewhere (really?) and hurt my arms and my legs… I am tired that being beautiful is being defined by the absence of the spots on my face.

As so many psoriasis patients, I struggle with my image, with the red spots that I had to look at and feel and scratch since I was 6. I do not feel beautiful.

And I struggle with depression and anxiety that comes with psoriasis. I struggle that many companies while promoting their medicines to help relieve symptoms of psoriasis, portray the image of the woman that only can finally be happy with her looks and skin and herself AFTER she takes the medicine that they are promoting…

We are Beautiful

I started Dr. Liia  not to make all the beautiful, gorgeous, strong women and men cover up their spots with some foundation. But to make all of us feel beautiful inside and out by just accepting ourselves and not hiding our skin and who we are. Psoriasis is a disease, same as high blood pressure that you don’t see or diabetes. I will not hide my spots anymore because I am beautiful and psoriasis does not define me as a human being.

We all deserve to feel and be gorgeous and be confident that we don’t need a little mirror on the wall that will tell us that we are beautiful, because we know that we are.

I started clean alkaline diet yesterday because all medications o far failed me and the ones that seemed to work, stopped. Because the stress of COVID-19 was stronger than any meds combines and my psoriasis came back with vengeance.

Believe in yourself, just believe that all of this will pass, believe that the good and happy times will come very soon!

Be a Believer:

I am a believer, and I am starting to love myself who I am. And the little lipstick and a glitter eyeshadow does not hurt from time to time :). And I am Beautiful.

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