7 Best Japanese Beauty Trends 2020 to get to know

I have traveled to Japan many many times in my life. When I used to work for Takeda, a Japanese Healthcare Company, I had a privilege to visit this beautiful country, enjoy its amazing food, visit its beautiful cities and become friends with my beautiful and fun Japanese colleagues!

But above all, I used to love my time at the airport and I always felt like a child in a toy store. Beauty was everywhere with the names I could not pronounce and packaging and skincare/makeup I have never seen before or could even imagine!

I came across this wonderful blog that will reflect (just a bit) the innovation of the Japanese beauty!

By Maria Kurata

Hello J-beauty lovers! How have you been these days?

We have almost two months left in 2019. How was this year for you? In Japan, this year was a lot of changes since the era has been changed from Heisei to Reiwa. It was a dynamic and amazing year for me, too! (I’m not going into details since it’s gonna be long story.)

I’d like to introduce which beauty brands are coming up in 2020! Some of the brands are already popular this year but they will trend up even more in 2020!

Are you ready? Keep scrolling for my picks, which will deliver your beauty trends to you!


-Minimalist Beauty, Reflecting four seasons, Gorgeous packaging

Their website is available in 3 languages; Japanese, English, and Chinese.
SUQQU UK HOLIDAY Collection “Candy Night” in October, 2019
Beauty Awards:
-Best Cosmetics Awards 2019 first half-2018 (powder, mascara, eye shadow, concealer)

Handled Products: makeup, skincare
Official Instagram followers: 1,220K
“Toward the unknown “season,” with grace and flexibility.”

Simple care that just works on the skin without unreasonable waste – Wear this during all four seasons.

2. Shiro

-Organic, Natural Ingredients, Attractive Smells

Beauty Awards:
-2019 the First Half of Best Cosmetics Awards

-MAQUIA 8 May issue of the first half of the best cosmetics

-Aesthetic 2019 August the first half of the best cosmetics

Handled Products: makeup, skincare, fragrance, grocery, cafe, shop
Official Instagram followers: 1,660K
“The life force of the earth, Every single drop.”

Shiro is a long-standing Japanese skincare brand, whose mission is to enhance our clientsʼ natural beauty using simple, natural methods. It was born in Japan in 2009. The number of Shiro stores has been increasing and it’s launched its branch in New York in 2018. Shiro is doing fully integrated manufacturing from product development to sales. Its ingredients contain:

KOMBU (a kelp, type of seaweed, and a basic daily cooking ingredient for the majority of Japanese household)
SAKEKASU (a natural by-product of the Sake production process, it is rich in the nutrients of the rice grain)
KOMBU contains high viscosity, moisture, and is only found in certain areas of the ocean. SAKEKASU is well known to be high in amino acids and other minerals and its skincare products will help smooth and moisten dry skin.

It’s in fashion right now and will be even more popular soon.

3. to/one

-Natural, Organic, Citrus bouquet fragrances

Beauty Awards:
-Beauty Awards 12 crown achievement!

-Tone Flower tea: # 1 kiitos Beauty AWARD tea sector

Handled Products: makeup, skincare, tool
Official Instagram followers: 610K

Tones that most beautifully reflect your expressions.

“to one”

Special colors that allow your individuality to bloom.

to/one is popular with its simple and cute design. Its focus is on expanding the next generation makeup boutiques. Born in February 2018, to/one has won the 12 Crown Beauty Award. The atmosphere is similar to THREE.


-IGARI Makeup, Pastel, K-beauty

Famous for IGARI Makeup. Presented by SHINOBU IGARI, WHOMEE Creative Director and Hair and Makeup Artist.
Design is kind of close to K-Beauty
Their website is available in 3 languages; Japanese, English, and Korean.
Beauty Awards:
-2018 second half of Best Cosmetics Awards

Handled Products: makeup, skincare, tool
Official Instagram followers: 1,060K
Their website is available in 3 languages; Japanese, English, and Korean. That means they are focusing on the global market as one of the pioneers of Japanese cosmetics.

5. Celvoke

-Natural Ingredients, Dimensional black

Beauty Awards:
-2017 to 2019 first half-year of Best Cosmetics Awards

Handled Products: makeup, skincare, tool, inner care
Official Instagram followers: 1,030K
“Pursuit for the skin, tenderness to the mind and its effect.”

Celvoke was born in 2016. The brand name “Celvoke” is derived from Cell (cell) and Voke (the original inner voice). This is the first company to formulate the swiftlet nests fermentation solution to skincare in the world. Celvoke chose beautifying ingredients and naturally-sourced ingredients to create an uncompromising texture. Their ingredients include:

Rose Hips (Contains Vitamin C; moisturizing)
Argan Oil (Contains Vitamin E; moisturizing)
Sacha Inchi Oil (Contains Vitamin E; moisturizing)
Cranberry Extract (Contains minerals; moisturizing)
Bitter Cherry Extract (Moisturizing)
Celvoke has won the Best Cosmetics Grand Prize for the third consecutive year since 2017. 2020 is predicted to be an even better year for Celvoke.

6. Vecuahoney

-Honey, Natural Beauty, For all skin types

Beauty Awards:
-2016 Second Half of Best Cosmetics Awards

Handled Products: lip care, skincare, handcare
Official Instagram followers: 130K
“We believe that true natural beauty comes from within.”

Vecuahoney uses 5 different types of honey across its cosmetic concepts. The limited-edition heart design which was released in winter, 2018 was very popular. It has been trending up recently.

7. Elegance Cosmetics

-Feminine Beauty, Premium Cosmetics

Beauty Awards:
-2019 the first half of Best Cosmetics Awards

-& Rosy Beauty Sorcerer 30 people choose 2019 the first half of “Best Cosmetics”

-Non-no 2019 “God Cosmetics” from the first half of 20-year-old Grand Prize

Handled Products: makeup, skincare
Official Instagram followers: 890K
“The Symbol of Dreams and Ideals.”

Focused on the women of the ON & OFF, proposed a cosmetics nestling in the women’s feelings. Fashionable because it is the motif of Paris. 2018/2019 first half of Best Cosmetics Award Elegance itself Albion founded in 1986.

In addition, in March 2015 the new make-up line “Elegance cruise” was released. There was a buzz on the market for the eye shadow product. However, the lipstick line was not particularly excellent as evidenced by user reviews.

Look Ahead
To sum up, here are some of the outstanding trends in this article!

Minimalist Beauty
Natural Beauty (Natural Ingredients)
Organic Beauty
People from all over the world, not just the USA, are getting more interested in these trends above, especially toward using natural ingredients for their health. This trend is not only about beauty, same as the demand for organic food. As for honey, hair oil using honey is also really popular in Japan right now.

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