From gluten-free bagels to luxury cosmetics, here are some new gluten-free products to love in the New Year!

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From gluten-free bagels to luxury cosmetics to flavorful tea and more, here are some new gluten-free products to love in the New Year!

Odd Bagel

Up first is a product you have to try to believe. It’s called Odd Bagel for a reason … it’s not your typical bagel! But in a good way. See, Odd Bagel makes bagels that are not just gluten-free but also free from the top 8 allergens! Plus, they’re vegan. AND in addition, they are also free from corn, potato, psyllium, cellulose, chickpea, sorghum, and pea protein. You’re encouraged to check out their FAQ page to learn about which allergens are present in their facility, cleaning/sanitizing information, etc. Odd Bagel is denser than a regular bagel so it requires a bit more toasting, in my experience, but the taste and texture is, as the kids say… on point! They’re available in Plain, Sesame, Poppy Seed, Everything, Onion, and Cinnamon-Raisin. All varieties I’ve tried are delicious and they really don’t hold back on the flavor; poppy seed is loaded up, everything is truly everything, and onion is busting with savory goodness.

Buddha Teas
Relaxation is a great gift to give yourself all year round, so why not start this ritual at the beginning of the year? A relaxing bath, a hot cup of tea, a little meditation or yoga session, sitting outside in nature … however you want to do it, just do it! That hot cup of tea idea can actually pair nicely with the relaxing bath or the sitting outside in nature ideas, so let’s roll with that one. If you’re a tea lover, you have to check out Buddha Teas. These are top-quality teas, made from clean, non-GMO ingredients in unbleached tea bags (yes, apparently tea bags are often bleached!). Buddha Teas are available in a wide range of flavors with all sorts of healthy ingredients. The one pictured here is the Detox Dharma Blend, made with adaptogens and antioxidants like licorice root, ginger, and turmeric. No matter your preference, you’re bound to find more than enough interesting teas to try. The only problem might be deciding which ones to try first!

Gluten Free Nation
Treat yourself to a delicious treat from Gluten Free Nation! Classic, traditional pound cake that no one will be able to tell is gluten-free … that’s what you can expect from Gluten Free Nation’s delicious Lemon Pound Cake. This pound cake is light and tangy and is perfect to go alongside a cup of tea, as a base for strawberry shortcake, or eaten just as it comes. These freeze really well, too, so feel free to order multiples and freeze some for later. Gluten-Free Nation also offers breads, muffins, pecan pie, and cookies, so make sure you browse around and see what else you might like. Many of the items freeze well and all of them that I’ve tried have been a hit! You can even order a variety pack, which contains this pound cake, a couple types of cookies, and blueberry muffins.

Montana Gluten Free
Oats can be a really great way to get hearty, healthy grains into your diet, but the problem is that many times, oats can be cross contaminated either by being grown in fields that contained wheat or barley previously or through the use of combines, trucks, and processing facilities that are also used for wheat or barley. This is where companies like Montana Gluten Free come to the rescue! Montana GF operates with their Oat Purity Protocol, which you can read more about at that link. Basically, they grow, mill, package and market gluten free food in carefully monitored fields, with dedicated equipment, and in a certified facility. Their facility is certified by both the GIG and CSA and they grow oats in fields that haven’t had any gluten-containing crops in at least 4 years. Their facilities are not just gluten-free but free from the top 8 allergens plus corn. They don’t use glyphosate, they have multiple organic options, and their products test at less than 3 ppm. They offer baking mixes, oatmeal, and more.


Epilynx Cosmetics
Addressing your diet is one thing, but what about cleaning up the other products you use? Cleaning products, personal care items, and cosmetics can all contain a pretty long list of nasty chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. Ingredients like gluten, fragrances from undisclosed sources, chemicals that can cause problems with hormone and thyroid function, and much more. If you’ve ever had sensitivities to skincare products or makeup or if you just want to clean up your personal care items this year and make sure you’re living as clean and chemical-free as possible, I suggest looking into Epilynx for your makeup and skincare needs. Epilynx was founded by Dr. Liia Ramachandra, a pharmacist who was diagnosed with psoriasis and needed all things gluten-free, including skin care products. She created her own line of luxurious products, including vibrantly beautiful makeup and soft and creamy skincare. Epilynx is free from gluten and the top 14 allergens, plus other harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They use natural and ayurvedic oils instead of artificial fragrances.

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