What is the ‘right’ percentage and of ‘what alcohol’ according to FDA and CDC

Sharing a guidance on what the “right amount of ‘alcohol’ that should be present in the hand sanitizer since I am receiving many customer inquiries about it.

Here are the 2 reputable sources that explain that If soap and water are not available, CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Laboratory data demonstrate that 60% ethanol and 70% isopropanol, the active ingredients in CDC-recommended alcohol-based hand sanitizers, inactivates viruses that are genetically related to, and with similar physical properties as, the 2019-nCoV.



and FDA:


EpiLynx Gluten Free Skincare hand sanitizer contains at least 70% isopropanol (99.9% anhydrous isopropyl alcohol as the initial substance is used).

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