What are the World’s Most Innovative Beauty Companies?

According to the Fast Company, there are a few truly innovative beauty companies in 2020!

According to them,

Number 1 is very interestingly Beautycounter!

Why? For pushing its mission of transparency beyond nontoxic ingredients, into mitigating the human toll of the supply chain, starting with mica!

The number 2 might come as surprise since it is …. Target!

Why? For cleaning up nearly 4,000 products in the personal-care aisle

Number 3 does not come as surprise and it is L’Oreal.

Why? For investing in inclusion, from Made for All by Maybelline to a nail polish collab with Jonathan Van Ness

Number 4 is Unilever.

Why? For testing chewable toothpaste tablets, packageless shampoo bars, and refillable cosmetics

Number 5 is Vital Proteins!

Why? For making collagen intake a lifestyle…

Number 6 is Sephora. Yes, really!

Why? For embracing experiences

Number 7 is Flamingo.

Why? For rebranding female body grooming.

Number 8 is Mindbody

Why? For perfecting spa and salon appointments by using a digital receptionist.

Number 9 is Revair

Why? For flipping the hair dryer on its head

Number 10 is Bravo Sierra

Why? For taking basics to boot camp with this line developed and tested by the military

My conclusions:

This is the year of COVID-19, world upside down, beauty and work and life redefined… It is great that we continue innovating and reinventing. My winners would be: Beautycounter and Unilever!

And, to be honest, I am sure that the digital receptionist is great but to call it an innovation in the beauty space is a bit outdated.. However I never really go to spas and saloons so who am I to comment… Cleaning up the ingredients and being honest and ethical about it should have happened years ago. We have such a regulated pharmaceutical industry and such an unregulated cosmetics industry, which is ridiculous. It is about time for the FDA to truly start looking at it and regulating it. The ‘flipping’ of the hair dryer and selling it for $400 is frankly outrageous and polluting our bodies with collagen is still to be seen to be proven good for your health… Like I said this industry is so non-regulated and some real clinical trials are needed to determine that eating collagen in the form of the pills is good for you long-term plus that it truly does anything.. Did I expect more from these awards? Yes, I did. However, this is just an opinion of 1 publisher that I choose to highlight here. I believe that every publisher has their own winners and specifications to qualify. More to come!

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