Skin: How to Soothe and De-Stress your life

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that your skin’s appearance reflected how you feel on the inside? Well, as clinical assistant professor of dermatology Doris Day says – your moods actually have the greatest impact on your appearance. Stress can age your face, due to the stimulation of cortisol. Cortisol weakens your organs and impedes the growth of new skin cells. When people are stressed, they often turn to antidotes like chips, alcohol, or chocolate, which can offer temporary relief. The caveat, however, is that these only aggravate the skin further in the long-term.

If you find that this is a common occurrence in your life, do read on.

Load up on probiotics

Probiotics often come up in conversations regarding good gut health. However, experts believe that they do wonders for your skin too. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since there is an express connection between your gut and skin because of the microbiome. Stress can lead to skin flare-ups or chronic inflammation, and probiotics can help calm these down. Dr Whitney Bowe says that they produce natural antibiotics known as antimicrobial peptides, which fight against bad bacteria. Probiotics can also improve skin functionality and its ability to contend with pollution and other free radicals. You can look for skincare products that contain this healthy bacteria, but DIY masks made with yogurt or kefir can also be applied topically. Make sure you get a healthy dose of probiotics by consuming these same foods together with kimchi, kombucha, or tempeh. You’ll soon notice the difference this makes on both your gut and skin health.

Maintain healthy sleeping habits

You’ve likely already been advised about how sleep is necessary for great skin, but of course, getting a sufficient amount of it is easier said than done. The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours for adults, but because many people are working from home these days, it’s become more challenging to distinguish work from leisure. When you factor in additional feelings of stress and anxiety due to the pandemic, your sleep could also become severely compromised. Lifestyle writer James Gonzales highlights how maintaining healthy sleeping habits is necessary in order to function optimally, boost your morale, and safeguard your health. No matter how busy you are during the day, sticking to a schedule and prioritizing rest and recovery is extremely important – and this is also when your skin will repair itself.

Use a facial roller

This cute little facial tool has made its fair share of rounds all over social media, whether made from jade, rose quartz, or amethyst. Facial rollers are a handy little weapon to be included in your beauty arsenal as these effectively de-puff stressed and bloated skin. They can soothe inflammation and also help your facial muscles relax. An article by Harper’s Bazaar details how administering a facial massage with these rollers drains out toxins by facilitating your lymphatic system’s natural detoxification. As a result, your complexion is brightened because of better blood circulation. These can be used after cleansing the face and can also be used in tandem with facial products like oils or serums for targeted application. If dull skin is your problem when you are stressed, facial rollers can help revive your tired complexion and help you feel relaxed and renewed. Also, a little facial massage is always an indulgent way to de-stress!

Skincare is self-care. Much like how stress affects the skin negatively, practicing good habits and taking the time to revamp your routine can have wondrous effects. Soothing and de-stressing your skin may soothe and de-stress other aspects of your life as well.

Written by Analisa Gwendolyn
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