It is OK to Love Yourself

Are you worried that if you tell your friends or work that you read gossip magazines like Star, OK, US for relaxation, you will be perceived as an empty headed and dumb person? That you don’t watch documentaries, read books or save the world in your free time but instead, you like to snuggle on the couch for half an hour, after the kids are to bed, after all 300 emails have been answered and just READ THOSE magazines?And that’s OK, seriously, it is OK. Just give your self a break. All research shows that when do what we let our brain NOT think at all just a a bit, 30 min a day, we all become more creative, productive, nicer to be around and more importantly HAPPY. And, it is ok to like this post: I am like you, I love to give my brain a break and read those ‘head – emptying’ magazines. Love yourself

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