Is a Gluten-Free Diet for Everyone?

In the last few days, I have gotten a lot of great questions about the role of gluten in causing health issues and should they consider going on a gluten-free diet.First, let us clarify about EpiLynx ( products and then get to the topic of the gluten-free diet with links on resources to consider reading.EpiLynx ( was created from scratch to address not just the gluten allergy that I and others have but sensitivities to common ingredients that many other people have. So, EpiLynx ( is gluten-free but also lectin-minimized. In addition, certain product lines, EpiLynx skincare ( are nut oil free for those who have nut sensitivities. We have also, up to now, avoided adding phthalates and parabens as preservatives as our research has shown some health effects of these preservatives. To formulate these products for your skin type, we have done a lot of research and developed it from high-quality ingredients and made it in our own laboratories through internally-developed manufacturing processes. While we are a start-up, entrepreneurs, the co-founders come with decades of pharmaceutical and medical device research and development (R&D), Compliance and Commercialization experience. We have used our backgrounds to create a line of products that can be used by the diverse types of people we hope to positively impact.Now, the topic of a gluten-free diet. Is it for everyone? The simple answer is “No”. Everyone has different sensitivities and different requirements. This is what we as medical professionals believe. If you have a gluten sensitivity be it an intolerance, allergy or celiac disease, you need to consider going to your physician or to a nutritionist who can help guide you on how to eliminate gluten from your diet. If you don’t have it, for dietary purposes, it is recommended to reduce consumptions of simple sugars and starches many of which happen to be in foods with copious amounts of gluten- think of foods like most breads, cookies, beers, pastries and even surprisingly some grains. A pure gluten-free diet is not easy to follow so if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity, you don’t need a gluten-free diet and just need to consider minimizing simple sugars and starches that are linked to other metabolic diseases. A healthy diet, regardless of who you are, is always a good thing to follow. We always recommend you consult with your physician or a nutritionist to work on the ideal diet for you.In a future article, I will write about how my husband and I changed our diet and the very positive impact in had in our physical and mental energy. But, that is for a later time.We care about you! 

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