How To Apply Face Cream? You do not need much

So, how do you apply face cream?

Do you pat-pat-pat or tap-tap-tap? Do you rub it into your skin very gently or apply it using firm pressure from your finger tips? Do you apply it before or after eye cream? Before or after facial oil? Does it matter, really?

Why, yes it does. Face creams and moisturizers are there to not only provide nutrients to your skin but to lock in the moisture, hydration, and the ingredients from serums, toners, and more.

You must apply face creams after toners, serums, active ingredients, and eye creams. Apply it before facial oils and sunscreen.

Face creams are applied after toners, serums, active ingredients, and eye creams so that all the ingredients and nutrients from those products are locked in to better penetrate into your skin. This will also prevent any water-based ingredient from evaporating off of your skin.

Face creams come before facial oils because the molecule size of the oils do not allow for anything to penetrate the oil. Therefore, if you apply face cream on top of it, none of the ingredients of the face cream will be able to penetrate into the skin. It would render the face cream practically inert. Of course, your sunscreen should come as the last step of your skincare routine. It is your skins shield against the harmful rays of the sun. Now, applying sunscreen is a whole other matter in and of itself. A blog post on that will definitely be coming soon.

Now, the technique for the application of your face cream is just as important as the application itself. In recent times, due to the surge in popularity of Korean beauty (or K-beauty), the general consensus is that patting product gently onto your skin is the best way to apply it. I definitely agree.

But, when you pat product into your skin, some can also get absorbed into your fingers and the palm of your hand. Now, that is just a waste of product and money.

Then, does gently or firmly spreading it get the job done when it comes to your skin absorbing the product well?

A mixture of both may be the answer.

Through seven years of constant skincare and product applications to my skin, I have noted that spreading AND patting are the best way to apply face cream.

It may sound obvious and trust me, I am not trying to be patronizing in any way.

No matter the product, but this specifically applied to our face creams, I have noticed it is best to spread it gently over the entirety of your face with your fingertips and then using your finger tips/palms to very gently pat it into the skin until it has been absorbed. This not only ensures that you are applying the cream properly to your skin but also that you do not waste any of the product itself.

Here is an example of a routine involving our EpiLynx EpiRadiance Face Serum, EpiRadiance Eye Cream, and EpiRadiance Face Cream.

After cleansing your skin, use:

EpiLynx EpiRadiance Sunrise Serum


After our Serum, use:

EpiLynx EpiRadiance Sunrise Eye Cream


After our Eye Cream, use the following product in the technique detailed above:

EpiLynx EpiRadiance Sunrise Cream


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Remember to spread and gently pat!


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