EpiLynx and our Symbol! What do they mean…..

The skin is an amazing organ. We don’t think of it the same way as we do the heart, lungs and liver but the skin is as complex with all the various types of cells including the skin cells, supportive cells, hair-forming cells, perspiratory cells, oil and protein secreting gland cells and immune cells (other cells as well that I didn’t list but you got the idea). Those top few layers of the skin are called the epidermis (“epi” also means “top” or “above”). I also was looking for using high-quality ingredients that would make the skin strong and beautiful. I imagined that all the cells would form healthy “links” and work together to protect us as it is the first layer to the outside world. In a play on words, I thought of the word “links” as a beautiful wild cat that uses body language to communicate. Well, what better way of spelling “links” than the wild cat “lynx” to convey that strength and beauty: EpiLynx !So, the brand EpiLynx was born with the ideas that when things come from pure ingredients that are gluten-free and made for sensitive skin, the results would be a high-quality line of products that not only keep the skin moisturized but keep it beautiful and strong. Our line of products was initially born out of my personal needs to use all things gluten-free but when I started discussing the idea with friends and colleagues at work, many other men and women shared with me their need for products for sensitive skin and many of them talked about their bad experiences with gluten in food and other products. I was very surprised how many people had issues with gluten be it a sensitivity, an intolerance, an allergy or outright celiac disease. This led me to consider using my skills as a doctor of pharmacy and a doctor of analytical chemistry to take a look at this from medical AND cosmetic angle. I have spent my entire adult life in the field of pharmaceutical medicine- developing and marketing life-saving products.I knew that I would need to use all my skills in healing and medicine to get the right products to customers and be the true entrepreneur. So, our symbol became the closed letter “E” symbolizing a complete epidermis with the letter “L” integrated with the Rod of Asclepius, the Staff of the Greek God of healing and medicine. Now, I know that the Americans are used to seeing the alternate form of this call the caduceus which as two snakes and sometimes with wings. This caduceus symbol mistakenly got associated with medicine in the United States. I was born, raised and lived in various parts of Europe and while I am American also, in a nod to my heritage, I integrated the Rod of Asclepius into the “L” of Epilynx.Now that the mystery of the Epilynx brand name and symbol are solved, we hope you enjoy our amazing products made through the deep understanding of health, medicine and healing. 

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