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When we decided to start EpiLynx to meet the needs of several people who told me that they wanted skincare products that were gluten-free, my husband and I brought the best of our medical and scientific backgrounds in pharmaceutical drug development forward.Quality is the cornerstone of our EpiLynx products just like it is for everything we have worked on as physicians, pharmacists and scientists. We know that the care of your skin has been entrusted to us so you deserve our best.Starting from a laboratory built with laboratory and manufacturing quality in mind combined with using only ingredients that are gluten-free and lectin-minimized, we formulated a series of serums, creams and other skincare products to give you a vibrant and healthy skin. So, as you look for skincare products that are best for you, please remember that our quality is based on research and development (R&D) and quality manufacturing principles because you matter to us

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