Back to Reality Pep-talk

We all have those times when we go on a fabulous holiday and have the most amazing time… But then we come back, it is cold and rainy, everybody around you has a cold and sneezing on your brand new clothes.. Depression kicks in and you regret ever going on that wonderful holiday because it seems so far away, the reality is depressing and now you have to work twice as much to earn the money to be able to afford such best holiday ever again…………..So, This is how I felt this Morning and Yesterday morning and Monday morning. Then I made myself look in the mirror and Say to myself that’s enough! Enough whining and crying and looking at the rain. Snap out of it and go make the Best Gluten Free Skin Care now!And I did, yes, as simple as that. Sometimes it is not a meditation, or a medicine or anything like that. Sometimes all it takes is to look at your self in the mirror and tell yourself to be you and snap out of it!I am sure this is how every entrepreneur feels from time to time.. but then we pick ourself up and go do what we love and the best at!

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