7 best lipsticks that the editor chose to highlight

Last week we were featured in the widely read publication Insider regarding the 7 best lipsticks that the editor chose to highlight of the 13 she had tried.

My team and I were over the moon when we saw this article. Not just because we were chosen (without our knowledge) among the giants of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Revlon Inc. but also because when we started Dr. Liia Skincare and Cosmetics every consultant and PR firm advised us AGAINST getting into cosmetics/makeup.

They strongly advised to ONLY focus on skincare since I am a Pharmacist and a Scientist and this is what ‘doctors’ usually do when they launch businesses. They further adviced that if we have cosmetics in our portfolio, no one will trust or buy from us.

Yet, we we were hearing from our customers that there was a unmet need for high quality, affordable cosmetics for people who had sensitivities to specific ingredients. Entering this area for us was both natural and the right thing to do so we jumped into this willingly!

Independent thinking, focus, trusting your gut and focus on customer needs ALWAYS pays off in two of the important ways while conducting your business:

Customer Trust & Appreciation
Business Growth & Sales

Trust YOUR Gut, Take Responsibility and Focus on your Customers!


I wore 13 matte lipsticks all day and photographed how long they lasted — these 7 are the absolute best

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