What's The Difference Between An $8 Vitamin C Serum And A $300 Version?

There are so many Vitamin C products on the market that it is very hard to determine which one is good for you. Also, it is very hard to understand the difference between various products.

I came across this article in HuffPost that may shed some light on all the above!

Dermatologists on the SKINTOK (skincare on Tik Tok) regularly talk about the benefits of vitamin C, recommending users incorporate it into their morning routines. But the price points for vitamin C serums are wildly different — why is one serum $300 while the others can be found for just under $8?

Is this difference nothing more than fancy marketing? Or does a higher-cost serum mean a better product?

First, let's start with this:

What are the benefits of vitamin C in skin care?

With an ever-increasing number of influencers promoting products that promise a new wonder ingredient, it’s easy to become jaded and wonder, “Do I even need this ingredient?”

But according to dermatologists, consumers shouldn’t sleep on vitamin C.

“Vitamin C is a topical antioxidant,” said Casey, an Ohio-based dermatologist. “It has anti-inflammatory effects in the skin; helps the skin shed dull, dry skin cells and appear brighter by increasing epidermal turnover; promotes collagen synthesis, allowing the skin to become stronger and more supple; and works in tandem with sunscreen to protect skin cells from oxidative stress.”

With the plethora of benefits vitamin C provides to the skin ― including anti-aging, brightening and collagen production ― it’s no wonder this ingredient is a darling among many dermatologists.

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