Top 7 Fall Skin Care Tips

Fall is almost upon us! We're sad summer is ending, but excited for cooler weather and delicious lattes to keep us warm and cozy.

But what about our beauty routines? In winter, we need to change our beauty products and skincare routines. Light moisturizers and gel cleansers are not enough.

Your skin has certain needs in the summer, (extra SPF for the summer sun, a face mist to cool you down, gel moisturizers to let skin breathe), and fall weather calls for formulas that deliver what your skin craves when exposed to dry air.

1. Use a Hydrating Cleanser

In summer, light cleansers feel refreshing, but in low humidity, you need a hydrating cleanser that doesn't remove moisture.

2. Exfoliate Gently and Less Often

If you’re experiencing dullness and dryness, it may be tempting to scrub, scrub, scrub to brighten up your complexion. But exfoliating aggressively can lead to even more dryness and irritation. Your summer skin has more of a buffer—thanks in part to humidity that attracts moisture to your skin—to cushion irritation that exfoliants can bring on. Use exfoliants less often and make it one that’s easy on your skin.

If you feel your skin needs it, you can use a gentle exfoliating toner two to three times per week.

3. Use Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Did you know hyaluronic acid is a humectant that helps bring moisture to the skin? It’s like an all powerful skin hydration ingredient. Vitamin C helps the skin by giving it antioxidants and shielding it from free radicals. It also evens out skin tone and fades dark marks, making your complexion brighter.

Add both a vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum into your routine to keep skin glowing like it once did over the summer, plump, and hydrated.

4. Swap for a Richer Moisturizer

It may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the easiest ways to prep your skin for fall is by swapping your lightweight lotion for a richer formula, or layering them.

5. Don’t Skip the SPF!

Yup, that’s right—you need to protect your skin from sun damage all year long (even in cold weather). SPFs are still important even when it's cold because there is still radiation all year round. SPFs are important in cold weather because radiation is present throughout the year. Even small amounts of radiation can cause skin damage, such as skin cancer, wrinkles, pigment issues, and aging.

6. Pick Up a New Body Cream

Moisturizing from top to toe is extremely important in the cold winter months. Apply moisturizer immediately after the bath, and use an emollient after you moisturize to lock in moisture and prevent evaporation.

7. Don’t Forget Your Feet, Elbows, and Lips

You might find this tip funny, why do I need to pay attention to my feet, elbows, and lips? Well, the bottoms of our feet and our elbows are some of the thickest parts of our skin and they require a lot of moisture to keep hydrated. They’re also the parts that can lose water and hydration the quickest. So while you’re using your body cream pay extra attention to these areas to avoid them from getting rough and calloused.

As for your lips, they’re one of the most delicate parts of our skin. Although they have the ability to heal quickly, you’ll want to prevent them from cracking in the cold weather. Keep a thick lip balm (like Vaseline or Aquaphor) in your bag to reapply and treat them throughout the day.

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