Makeup Tips for Bad Allergy Days

Let's be honest.. We all have some bad days where we wake up with a bloated, puffed up face, swollen eyes etc etc. Allergies are one of the causes. So let's talk about allergies!

Oh better yet, let's talk about some practical tips tips, to bring ourselves back to our normal, beautiful, gorgeous :) state!

Makeup Tips for Bad Allergy Days

Your eyes are bloodshot, your nose is red, and your skin is puffy. It must be allergy season!

While your allergies may be a hard thing to kick to the curb for good, you don’t need to be a magician to mask the pesky symptoms that come with them. Instead, try out these simple solutions from makeup artists and beauty experts across the country.

The Symptom: Bloodshot, Watery Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that is exactly where allergies appear first.

To brighten the eye area, skip the black and brown mascaras. Instead, grab a dark blue mascara (the navy shade counteracts any redness) in a waterproof formula that won’t smear should you tear up outdoors, says New York makeup artist Margina Dennis.

The Symptom: Puffy Peepers

Place the back of a cold spoon over closed eyelids for a few minutes before applying makeup. This will helps minimize some of the puffiness, says Minneapolis makeup artist Hillary Kline.

Next, apply concealer that’s two shades darker than your normal skin tone. Pat it in with your index finger or a small concealer brush.


The Symptom: Red Nose

The tip of the nose and the nostrils are prone to redness from frequent tissue blowing. But, nobody wants to look like Rudolph! 

Exfoliate the area after cleansing, and use more moisturizer than normal so flakiness stays at bay. If you use foundation, layer a bit more around the nose area, says Sarah Najafi, a makeup artist in Los Angeles. On top of foundation, pat some gold or yellow-based concealer on the areas that show redness.

The Symptom: Blotchy Skin

For starters, make sure you use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser on your face. If you don’t use something gentle, it could irritate the skin and make allergy symptoms look worse.

Wash off every drop of makeup at night, says Liz Fuller, a makeup artist in Boston. Sleeping in day-old cosmetics is a surefire way to get redness and irritation.

Masking this allergy symptom is easier than you might think. If you're dealing with redness on your face, a green correcting concealer is your best friend. Before you apply any makeup to your face, first apply a layer of green concealer on the areas with redness. Then either follow with a skin tone concealer or your foundation, using a dabbing motion. The results: flawless skin with no signs of redness, Najafi says.

The Symptom: Dark Undereye Circles

Allergies can cause dark shadows on the lids and under the eyes. To cover them without caking on a thick layer of base, first apply a dot of pearly highlighter in an upside-down triangle under your eyes. Pat and blend this in well to bring a much-needed brightness to the area.

On top of that, pat (don't rub) a dot of creamy concealer in the same way.

Finally, dust a little bit of yellow loose powder over the area to set. The yellow color instantly counteracts the darkness, Fuller says.


The Symptom: A Dry, Flaky Complexion

Antihistamines can work wonders at relieving runny noses and itchy throats. But they can dry out your skin. So hydrate inside and out -- drink water throughout the day and apply skin cream morning and night (and in the middle of the day, if needed).

For an extra boost, apply a gentle moisture-boosting face mask. You could even make your own by mashing up a ripe banana into a paste and slathering it onto your face. Leave it on for up to 20 minutes, and rinse it off with cool water to reveal skin that looks and feels softer.

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