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We have been invited and officially chosen to be part of the Haute Living and Haute Beauty MD experts network!

When they have asked me about my 3 biggest accomplishments, I could not help but focus on what is so close to my heart:

1. My greatest achievement is being a mother (with Sumant Ramachandra, M.D., Ph.D., MBA) to the 3 wonderful children and raising them to be happy, confident, kind, genuine inside and out.

2. Secondly, starting from scratch & growing our medically clean healthcare company (EpiLynx by Dr. Liia) that empowers people to feel safe by using our skincare and makeup while having various allergies and skin conditions.

3. Lastly, having the privilege to having worked in the first-in-class pharmaceutical companies. And utilizing my knowledge to help many patients all over the world!

Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement on our entrepreneurial journey!

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Hello. I do love the products that I’ve tried. But I believe you are making a marketing mistake by not listing the complete name of the item on the container. The directions on how to use items and suggestions of what product would pair best complements with th purchased item. Thank you for getting it right!

Sally Holzheimer March 04, 2022

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