30 Day Challenge…Day 0

I have done so many diets in my life. Now, at 40, I am not sure anymore what is right or wrong and what to follow. I have done Atkins and KetoDiet and Paleo and while I did loose weight on KetoDiet (not on others), it did leave me hungry for carbs (to the point that my dreams were ONLY about pizza), frustrated and even though I lost 10 pound in 2 months (a lot for 5.4 with starting weight of 130 pounds), I gained it all back and more after Just 2 weeks of holiday.

I know for me, Russian Jew, KetoDiet does not work, mentally. Paleo and others are just even harder. I crave carbs, potatoes, meat and diary.: who does not?

So, I decided to go on a 30 day self imposed challenge of eating around 1550 calories a day. Not a lot.. But I can eat carbs, anything I want as long as it is under 1550. When I was a student, I read about this one professor in Spain who wanted to proof that weight loss is ONLY about the amount of calories and he eat candy the whole day long (1600 calories per day) and lost weight.

Well, we all know that eating candy the whole day long is not necessarily healthy (even if you lose weight) but restricting carbs and candy fully seems even worse.. And, although, N is 1, I decided to give it a try!

So, here I am. I cleaned out my cupboard today and probably eat around 3000 calories worth of everything, salads, fish, meats, sweets…. But I am determined to stay on with my own self imposed 30 day challenge!

Here we go!

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