Extreme Collagen Big Lashes Miracle Mascara

Extreme Collagen Big Lashes Miracle Mascara. Extreme Collagen Big Lashes Mascara. Miracle Mascara that is great for the 24 hour lasting lashes. Perfect for weddings

Extreme Collagen Big Lashes Miracle Mascara. Gluten-Free, 3D Fibers and Mascara.

3D Fiber Lashes is a duo set that provides a 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking completely real and natural!

The gel and natural fibers are provided in 2 separate bottles.

To use

To prepare your eyelashes for optimal results, first apply one thin coat of black transplanting gel (in a bigger tube, containing collagen) and let it dry.  Immediately following and while mascara and gel is still wet, apply the natural fibers (in a smaller tube). Watch your eyelashes transformed into something you only have dreamed of! You can repeat the application until you are happy with the thickness and the volume of your lashes.


Extreme 3D Collagen Grafted Carbon Black Liquid Transplanting Gel Ingredients:Collagen, water, natural propolis, Brazilian palm glue, black iron oxide, acrylic copolymer, nylon 12, stearic acid, propylene glycol, emulsifierGreen Tea Naturala Fibers Ingredients:100% natural fibers taken from the complanulaceae of green tea

Color: Black, waterproof, yet easily washes off with warm water and facial cleanser

What is a benefit of Fiber Mascara?

Fiber mascara doesn’t look so different from your standard variety. But look closer and you’ll see tiny fibers usually made of silk, rayon, or nylon.

Fiber mascara works by attaching these synthetic fibers to your lash tips. They act as lash extensions. But unlike real extensions you don’t have to worry about the cost or time-consuming process.

With fiber mascaras, you can wash the product away at the end of the night. Plus, unlike faux strip or individual lashes, you never have to worry about glue or your lashes ending up on the floor.

“Those with fine, limp and short lashes really benefit from using fiber mascara!” says makeup artist Allan Avendaño. “It give them more building power and gives a more dense/full and longer effect than regular mascara.”


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