What Makes a Leader?

We all want to work for someone who is a great boss and an understanding person, but what about the future for the company?

Would you prefer to work for someone who is happy with where the company is and has no plans to move forward with it?

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Or would you prefer to be given an opportunity for growth in the company?

To work for someone who is always striving to become better and more empowered in whatever industry you work in? You and your co-workers should want a boss that you can look up to and know that they’ve got your back.

That they want the best for you and the company and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to constantly grow and improve.

In order to be a really great leader you need to possess many traits. Honesty and integrity are at the top of the list.

If you want others to follow you then you have to make sure that they know your values and core beliefs will never change, that you want the best for the company and refuse to sacrifice ethics in order to grow.

You need to be confident and confidence is contagious!

It inspires others to be confident in you and what they are doing! They will only be able to look up to you if you set a good example and show them that you are going to give it your very best in every area of the business and then they will want to do that as well.

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Showing commitment to your efforts and a passion for what you do is an amazing quality for a leader to have. It gets the team encouraged and willing to be involved and do their best.

A good leader also needs to be able to communicate with their team at every corner and every bump in the road.

Good times and bad ones, the ability to be honest and explain to your team the truth about what is going on in the company makes them feel as though they are important and worthy of knowing all the details.

That way, they can do what they need to do to help the business over any hurdles they may encounter with an educated understanding of what is going on and what needs improvement.

Not only that, a good leader has to be able to explain to the team why they have made certain decisions and why they believe they are the right ones. And, in the event that a leader makes a bad decision, they need to be able to own up to it and admit their mistakes. They need to have empathy towards the team and understand the needs of every moving part.

A business is like a living thing with so many turning cogs that all need to be greased properly, and at the right times. It is the job of a good leader to be able to know when to do maintenance on these parts and take care of the team. 

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