Let’s All Be Tolerant to Each Other!

You know, we live in a world that can be so cruel and heartless. People get selfish and do things without thinking about the repercussions…people do things without thinking about the collateral damage. That sucks.

But we can’t just sit around complaining about the actions of others all the time and wishing that people could change and see things differently.

We have to start the cycle and be the first ones to take a leading step and show others how easy it can be to be tolerant to each other!

We can be great people and make the right choices, we can do some much to change the world for the better is we just stop beating around the bush and do it!

We all know what love is all about, whether or not we’ve found true love in our lives, there are all kinds of things that we love. I love pizza. Seriously…love it. But I don’t love gluten, so I’ve made it a mission to keep pizza in my life but in a way that it’s not bad for my body. I love diversity so I’ve made it my mission to never judge anyone, who am I to judge anyways?

Everything Every Girl Needs loves to focus on the fact that everyone should be accepted, loved, and adored. We all need to have some solid and trustworthy friends to have our backs when the days get dark.

But what we really need to do is to accept the world and EVERYONE in it regardless of their race, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation and anything else that people do that we don’t. Variety is the spice of life!

Tolerance is a thing that we all need to have and work on constantly so we can all live together in peace on this big blue planet of ours. After all, we share it with about 7 billion other humans, why waste our time and our lives sitting around complaining about things we don’t understand when we could be working together to understand all those things by loving each other and being tolerant!

If we want to be truly happy in life, we need to be accepting and accept that we do share this planet, and it is our home. Love is where the home is.

You can never find happiness if you can’t stop focusing on negative things, you need to find that love that sparkles all around us, in the little things we adore, the people who make us smile and laugh and enjoy each and every day. Sometimes all it takes is an open mind to start the process of tolerance and I think we all need to work harder on that. We need to be able to relax and enjoy the little things, don’t sweat the petty, and stop judging things that we have no right to judge. You don’t have to accept everything that another person believes in, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn’t mean we can’t accept people regardless of how they live their lives.

Everything Every Girl Needs and EpiLynx is about acceptance and tolerance to all, we don’t cater to a particular kind of person, but the message we send tends to pull in particularly kind people. We love that.

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