Beauty and the Beast…The Beast Being Gluten.

I mean, just say it. Gluten.

Delicious Gluten

It sounds gross before I can even get to why it is gross, and a terrible protein in general. It’s a beast that no one can see, but we can feel it. The thing is, who doesn’t love fresh bread and pasta and, of course, pizza?! It’s a real downer that all of these delicious things are packed with so much gluten.

Aside from that saddening thought, there’s the fact that many people are actually allergic to gluten and often suffer from something called Celiac disease.

People with Celiac disease have this immune reaction that begins to act up when the digestive system is exposed to gluten.

The intestines get inflamed and the gluten can even damage the intestinal tracts and other parts of the body!

Sounds fun, no?

Luckily, we are living in a day and age where people are taking more care to keep healthy and in the best shape they can be, so avoiding gluten really isn’t that hard anymore.

And we have all kinds of delicious alternatives to foods that usually contain gluten! We can even eat pasta and pizza again gluten free and it still tastes as great as the gluten variety but with the added bonus of not making us sick! Sweet, right?

We are all so beautiful, on the inside and on the outside, so why put your body through the trouble of trying to digest something that hurts it?

Our bodies should be treated as a temple, kept as clean and as healthy both inside and out. But even though gluten has its obvious downsides, it’s not always something to be fearful of. And sometimes people who have gluten allergies or are sensitive to gluten don’t need to adjust their diet to be entirely gluten-free.

Cutting back on gluten might actually be a better option for some people who would like to go gluten-free.

Gluten free cake

Plus, sometimes you just can’t be sure what is 100% gluten-free. It can show up in things like chocolate, deli meats, soy sauce and even vitamins and toothpaste!

If you have celiac disease, however, then yes even a tiny amount of gluten can make you very sick and can lead to many other health problems if not properly diagnosed and treated. The thing is, for some reason the internet is a bad back and forth with the whole gluten thing.

Some sites will tell you that the health problems that come along with too much gluten is a myth, and that there is no scientific proof that it can be bad for anyone.

This is not the case, there is most definitely proof of its effects.

The best bet is to go see a doctor if you think that you may have a gluten allergy or celiac disease and then go from there. We need to take care of ourselves! We need to stay in the best shape we can be, not just for ourselves, but for our kids and families! So, like I said before, your body is a temple, so let’s keep it keep and happy!

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