Why Is the Sun So Bad for My Skin?

We all have heard it before a million times; the seriously damaging things that can result from too much sun exposure like dark spots, aging skin and of course, skin cancer. Harmful UV rays are constantly doing things to your skin and even though there are ways to defend yourself, there’s no way to be 100% safe from those UV rays bouncing off everything all the time. Even if you’re not in direct sunlight, you are still being exposed to the sun’s radiation. So, how can you protect yourself the best you possibly can?

Well, first things first. Avoiding dry skin.

Tanning usually leads to dry and peeling skin, it’s basically inevitable to some degree at least. But you can moisturize to lessen the flakiness we all experience at some point in our lives. It would be great to just say, “Stay away from the sun!” However, as it’s a giant ball of fire in the sky…there’s only so much a person can really do there. The fact is that the sun is responsible for most of the clearly visible aging of your skin. It’s the number one suspect in the crime of causing wrinkles, your skin losing elasticity and degrading skin texture. It’s pretty crazy but the truth is that the sun is responsible for over 80% of how young or old your skin is making you look. Of course, we all want to look young and great forever, but we also want that sweet summer tan…it’s very conflicting really!

There’s another factor though that is always rise for concern when it comes to skin exposure to the sun; skin cancer. But why does it cause skin cancer?

Let’s think about that for a second, shall we? You know when you go to the dentist and they need to take X-rays of your teeth, so they drape that big ol’ lead blanket over you? That’s to minimize radiation exposure. The sun is constantly blasting radiation at us, and its radiation that is causing the skin cancer. There are ways to avoid letting your sky get dry and deteriorate though, hooray! EpiLynx has a wonderful line of Natural, Organic and Vegan skincare products to reduce the effects of the sun’s tricks. Anti-Aging Facial Cream, Moisturizers and Cream Against Dark Spots are just a few! Our Organic Anti-Aging and Dark Spot Facial cream works wonders with the help of a wonderful vitamin called B3, or Nicotinamide which works in tandem with the natural oils of your skin. That helps to make enlarged pores look smaller and even your skin tone as well as softening wrinkles and fine lines! Sweet right?

Don’t take risks with your skin, not when EpiLynx has scientifically designed skin care and cosmetic products for sensitive skin! Keep that natural glow with all natural products specifically crafted to nourish and protect your beautiful skin from those harmful UV rays because who really wants to just avoid the sun forever? Fight back, with EpiLynx.

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