How to Avoid Skin Care Issues on Vacation

Everyone knows about the basic healthcare do’s and don’ts before going away to somewhere hot; get vaccinated, bring sunscreen, make sure you have you documents in case you need to see a doctor, get travel insurance…the usual. But sometimes we forget about the finer details of skin care. That’s where I come in!

First off, what is a sunburn?

Like, really? Well, if this isn’t enough to traumatize you into taking those extra measures to keep your skin safe, I don’t know what is. Medically speaking, a sunburn is a form of radiation burn that targets living tissues (like your skin) and it is a direct result of overexposure to UV radiation. You wanna know another not-so-fun fact? You CAN get a sunburn in the shade. It’s not the actual sunlight that is damaging your skin, it’s all those UV rays beaming down from the sky.

Those things are everywhere. So even if you’ve got up extra early to head to the beach and get those sweet spots under the little palm leaf huts, you’re still exposed to UV rays. Those UV rays are the majority of the reason you might face some skin care issues while your traveling, like dry skin, sensitive skin, inflammation and breakouts. So, what do you do to avoid these things?

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a few great solutions!

First off, you need to protect your face. EpiLynx Skincare for sensitive skin will be your best friend. One of the greatest products you can get for your face is our CBD Face Cream to protect you from inflammation. Perfect for sensitive skin as it has no additives and is completely natural, organic and vegan, CBD Oil Face Cream is going to protect your skin from clogged pores which can lead to breakouts and acne, as well as dry skin. The oil is light and a great way to keep you safe, and it can be used as an aftercare product as well!

CBD Oil has many benefits, and preventing inflammation is just one of them. Nobody wants to suffer from the post-sunburn/post-acne dark spots under the chin or anywhere else on your body for that matter. These can develop from too much sun, inflammation and irritation. All the most reason why arming yourself with EpiLynx Skincare products are a very wise choice before embarking on your next adventure! Your best bet to fight and prevent those pesky dark spots is EpiLynx Organic Face cream with Niacinamide.

The best offense is a good defense, and with EpiLynx we’ve got you covered. Literally! Lastly, wear LESS makeup! We all know what happens when we put on makeup and gets hot. We sweat! And what happens next? Slimy makeup that doesn’t wanna stay where you put it, and that can lead to some seriously clogged pores. Bad news my friends. So, keep that skin clean and well taken care of with EpiLynx Skincare Products and make sure to have your aftercare ready to go, just in case.

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