False eyelashes, are they really worth it?

There has been a lot of hype lately about false eyelashes, from eyelash extensions to full row glue on eyelashes. Sure, they might make your eyelids look like they have glorious butterflies attached to them, but what about the side effects? Because, you know, there’s gotta be something going on there when you’re applying glue that close to your eyes. The reality is this; If you don’t take care of them properly you can get some pretty unpleasant eye infections or have allergic reactions to the glue or the fibers.

Solution? Extreme Collagen Big Lashes Miracle Mascara!  

This is an all Natural, Organic and Vegan Mascara! I know, right? Which just makes it that much better because anyone can use it and get those big 3D Mascara Eyelashes without having to worry about any kind of glue, allergies or infections! A two-step application that is sure to stun and amaze, people will wonder how you got such amazing length without getting extensions. First, you apply a thin coat of the black transplanting gel, followed by the natural fibers right after and while the gel is still wet. You’ll see your lashes plump up immediately, giving you the super 3D Mascara eyelashes you’ve always wanted! You can apply more if you like, the gel Mascara goes on thin and easy.  

Who needs False Eyelashes when you can achieve the look you are going for a few better price?!

The truth is, fiber mascara might not look too different from regular mascara from afar. However, the difference is visibly noticeable when you look in the mirror. The super fine fibers made from silk, rayon or nylon adhere to the lashes immaculately. Plus, you can simply wash the mascara away at the end of the day without having to worry about glue ripping out your eyelashes like when you use false eyelashes.  

EpiLynx Mascara is the best high-quality Natural, Organic and Vegan 3D big mascara available that can give you the look of false eyelashes without the harmful side effects and without risking the condition of your eyelashes.

Plus, have you ever sat through the process of having eyelash extensions applied?

I have, and I would never do it again.

The glue burned my eyelids and it took forever to get it done. Not to mention the blinding light you have to lay down under for 2 hours while someone is breathing all over your face sticking those tiny fibers on. Nope. Not when an amazing 3D Big Mascara is available! The days of false lashes are over my friends, we’ve just taken an already good thing and made it amazing with Epilynx Mascara for that full, luscious and dramatically stunning eyelashes effect that will last a full 24 hours! Perfect for a night out with the girls, that blind date your best friend just set you up on, or your brother’s wedding.  

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